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How can one miss the opportunity to be in the midst of such vibrant energy? My friends if you want in on that then meet Kawa. She is one amazing Lady, from the inside out. Hardworking is an understatement considering she is juggling between wedding plans, a PHD, work and heading  a non profit organization. She is meticulous in all she does. Try reading her emails, no stone is left unturned. Caring and dependable, If you have a function and are tired of being disappointed please have her on top of your list. Yes Kawa I put you out. Share your talents. One thing that I was surprised is her excessive cleanliness. Take the time and visit her humble aboard she has some OCD of sorts. I guess this stems her need to be detailed and on top of all she does. Lastly I cannot forget she motivated all the 254 runners to get into shape and one year later we are still strong. She is one amazing woman that cannot be stopped. Her mission and vision inspires all. She is already writing her legacy.

Winny better known as Kawa is the nucleus of Hope for Fistula Foundation.  Kawa is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor for this cause are unparallel and makes her a very out-going person.  All of this makes Kawa a hardworking, top-performing President.


Sister, friend, confidant. Those are the first words that come to mind when I think of Sheila. I have known her since my pre-teen years and I find myself blessed to have her in my life. Over the years, I have greatly come to admire her fortitude and positive outlook towards life. She encouraged me to start training with the 254 runners early this year and since then, I have met the most wonderful group of strong-willed women.  She is an amazing mother to my fabulous niece, a lover of life, and one of the most charismatic people I know. She is currently working as an accountant in the District of Columbia, while ensuring our books are balanced within the foundation.

Brenda is a beautiful, compassionate, kind hearted mother, wife and friend.  She has a positive attitude about everything and has always been the one who encourages the team.  At the same token, don’t be fooled by her sweet soft spoken tone. Brenda has deathly go getter attitude that ensures whatever task needs to get done is executed, done right and on time!  She goes above and beyond expectations when handling any tasks assigned to her and offers to help others in need. As the secretary of Hope for Fistula, we could not have picked a better candidate for the job. Time and time again, she does not miss a beat and outdoes herself.

As the eldest among four siblings, Stephanie somehow manages to keep it all together. She is a mother of a toddler, recently got married and at the moment working on her Master’s degree at University of Maryland Baltimore. Not only does she have a loving and caring spirit, she is also genuine. This is perfect not only for a career which is not for everyone; it is pleasant to witness that she truly wants to make a difference in our cause. Her smart wits helped us come up with the name of the Foundation.

Stephanie is the “superstar” one in the group. You may see her photo on Morgan State University billboards as you travel into Baltimore via BWI airport. She is a very determined and focused lady with an unstopable drive to succeed. During our races she pushes us to keep going even when we think we have reached our limits. She is always searching for races for us to participate  in-between our 2 yearly marathons.


Other than being extremely talented, smart and stylish, Roshie is fun to have around. She must be the energizer bunny that went missing when I turned 30. There is never a dull moment when she is around. Being part of this foundation requires a lot of personal time, dedication and commitment but when Roshie was asked to be part of it, she did not hesitate and has since been a great asset to the team. We tend to forget she is the youngest when we get busy because of her dedication and willingness to participate. We are grateful to have her and we hope that she will be an inspiration to all the young women in our community.


She is a force to reckon. Cathy is writing her legacy and pretty much leaving her mark wherever she steps foot. A very easy going, fun, down to earth and loving individual. Humble in her ways and continues to make accomplishments in her career, education and community. As a Mother, sister, friend, and relentless advocate for women, Dr. Cathy has been a shining beacon to this foundation. Being in Kenya, means that she is our captain on the ground. She assist in meeting with the doctors and nurses at the hospitals, taking her time to visit even those in the rural areas, keeping us up to date with finances and the on goings in Kenya, and that is just a nutshell of what she does. Her tireless efforts are very much appreciated. Her character, strength, determination and fortitude enable the foundation to work like a well-oiled machine. We thank you Dr. Cathy.

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