Another success story – Eclar Iroyo

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Eclar Iroyo is a 20-year-old lady who has lived with fistula for five years that developed during the birth of her baby. Eclar was kicked out of her parents’ home because they could not live with her “embarrassment” anymore. She delivered her baby at her home alone, without help from any medical personnel thus ended up losing the baby in the process. She has gone through social stigma that has resulted to extreme suffering.

She was taken in by the area Chief, Mr. Patrick Njunge Mwaura. During one of the FGM seminars, the facilitators shared Mary Tinga’s phone number who was not present at the time. The fistula problem was not too new to Mr. Mwaura, he had previously referred a patient to Mary who was eventually treated under the support of a different organization. The Chief made a call to Mary and informed her of Eclar’s condition who subsequently put her on a waiting list.

Eclar’s odor was so pungent that none of the public transport vehicles were willing to transport her to Nairobi for treatment. The vehicle that eventually carried her threatened to kick her out but due to Mary’s convincing pleas, the touts allowed them to continue with their journey to Nairobi.

Eclar had her surgery on August 14, 2013. She was scheduled for her second follow up visit on September 2, 2013.


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